“Mews,” a homophone to “muse,” is a loving tribute to our cat Ramen. One-part San Francisco, two-parts New York City, current home. Fashion Mews is a visual diary where we share the pursuit of inspo, photography, and travels. We get real about our entrepreneurship mishaps too.

My style can be best described as edgy minimalist, mixing high-end with streetwear. Spontaneous and simple, I’m heavily inspired by the weather, location and mood. I love neutrals and the monochrome palette. I believe that keeping your style simple challenges you to be more creative and consume less.

For collaborations and media rates, please contact Abel at melo[at]fashionmews[dot]com. Please note we don’t accept free gifts; it’s our sole discretion for rare exceptions.

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Blogging made with love by Melis & @abel

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