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I have been getting a lot of questions regarding how I take care of my hair lately, so I’m dedicating today’s post to all things hair. All products mentioned in this post are purchased by me and are solely my personal opinion.

A lot has changed since the last time I posted about my hair. I decided to go silver ombre which meant many many sessions at the salon to get the color right which also meant lot of damage to my hair. The fact that I love using the curling iron time to time doesn’t help either. As you can imagine, taking care of this beast is definitely a lot of work. Well, beauty comes at a cost right?

Without further ado here are my tips on how to take care of over processed hair:

  • Wash as little as possible. You heard that right, if you want to keep the color in your hair, avoid washing your hair often. I wash mine 1-2 times a week and heavily depend on dry shampoo (best invention ever!) I personally love the Death Valley dry shampoo.
  • Invest in a good brush. I never knew that a good brush would make that much of difference, but I’m obsessed with the Mason Pearson brush. It adds the perfect shine after brushing my hair and it can last for a life time.
  • Keep it au naturel. Stay away from using curling irons and/or straighteners. I’d say 60% of the photos have my natural hair. By natural hair, I mean I brush my hair with Mason Pearson brush, apply the B&B mending cream over night and braid it. In the morning, I let it loose and lightly brush it to give the beachy hair look. If your hair is straight, you can try to use something like B&B Surf Spray or dry shampoo to give more texture before braiding.
  • Masks. You need a good daily conditioner as well as a weekly mask routine. When my silver ombré fades, it turns into a light blonde shade, so I’ve been using the infamous purple shampoo once a week. It adds the perfect shine. I also love using Kerastase conditioner and Wen intensive hair treatment while in the shower.

To summarize my weekly routine:

  1. Wash with B&B Shampoo, Kerastase Conditioner
  2. Apply B&B cream to help blow dry faster and protects from heat
  3. Dry shampoo when needed
  4. Use the B&B mending cream daily which helps strengthen and detangle your hair before bed
  5. When you can no longer stand dry shampoo hair, repeat step #1 🙂

Thank you for reading!

xx Melis

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the tips on taking care of our hair! I’ve been looking for a dry shampoo for a long time and have not got around to finding a good one but will definitely give your “death valley” one a try! Love the name of that hahah. I also love your outfit!!

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