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ask me anything

ask me anythingask me anythingask me anythingask me anythingask me anythingask me anythingask me anythingPhotography by Abel

Awhile back I held an ask me anything opportunity on Instagram. Thank you everyone for submitting for your inquiries! Below are my favorites that I was able to answer this time around. xx

1. What brand defines your style, if any? @dailykongfidence

Hmm so many to choose from! But I think I would narrow it down to two. One: Alexander McQueen because he’s the one who got me in fashion in the first place and I’m a skull lover. Two: Acne Studios, because they know how to feed my minimalist side, and I just want to keep wearing everything they make over and over again.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from? @plazitic

Everywhere! We live in Lower East Side which feeds me so much inspiration. I’m drawn to all the street art, art galleries, museums, and coffee shops around here. I’ve been also an avid reader of Porter to keep myself up to date with current trends.

3. What made you start doing this? @currentlycaro

After putting in a few startup years, I felt really burnt out and needed a break. And by break, I mean I wanted to pursue my own thing, and combine my love for fashion.

What had originally started as an obsession for nail art, transformed into an insatiable hunger for creativity and now here we are.

4. What is your 3 fav pieces in your wardrobe? @bloggingmycloset

Vintage Chanel bag, Balenciaga shoes and Hermes bracelet.

5. How did you and your hubby meet? What is it like working together and does he have other jobs? @cryspark

Funny story, we met through a mutual online friend at a dive bar called the Broken Record for his burger blog.

That night, we connected over startups, photography and ended up hanging out and talking for many hours. I gave him a ride to his place, he asked me out at the end. I said “maybe”. Of course the rest is history. 🙂

Working together in the beginning wasn’t easy, we’re both type A people and have really high team expectations. However, we’ve since then learned to find a middle ground and feel really comfortable around each other. And yes, he does have a full time job, so we have a really tight schedule.

i’m wearing
cold shoulder top
grey skirt
Stella McCartney platform brogues
Chanel bag

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32 thoughts on “ask me anything

  1. Thank you so much for answer one of my questions!! I love your vintage Chanel so badly too!! I admire your style so much, your looks are definitely a great inspiration.
    Keep sharing it!!!


  2. Not only do I love this outfit, I love this post! I truly admire your style and find you very inspiring. Your husband and you both have an amazing eye for style and photography and thank you for sharing your love story with us. I wish I could raid your closet and shoe and handbag collection. xoxo, Christine

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