happy Monday blues

Happy February everyone!

Our last shoot was somewhat challenging in multiple ways. First of all, I wanted to challenge myself to wear more color and utilize older items in my closet. I have been wearing a lot of black and white lately even though blue has been my favorite color since I was young.

Second, most photos didn’t turn up as we wanted due to the setting and weather, and I was ready to throw the whole shoot away until I found a few of these photos. Don’t you hate it when that happens? At the end of the day, I’m happy that we got to salvage what we have.

The VEDA suede leather jacket and I go way back. I fell in love with it the first moment I saw but only was able to pull the trigger during sale. I love how the color has evolved over the years.

Lastly, I’m planning on selling this gorgeous LV bag on Poshmark soon. It was my first bag out of college thanks to tax returns. I hope to find a better home that she’ll be appreciated more. Any of you use Poshmark? If yes, I’d love to know about your experience.

Jacket: VEDA // Shirt: Benetton // Jeans: J Brand // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Bag: Louis Vuitton

Thanks for reading as always & wishing you an awesome week!

xx Melis

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