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New life philosophy

One of the things we decided to focus more in our apartment aka Ramentopia 1.0 is to turn it into a more inspiring place. Hubby and I have started collecting prints awhile back however haven’t had a chance to get anything framed. For what it’s worth, getting pictures framed sounds extremely painful.

Until we decided to try a new online custom frame shop called: Level. Simple ordering process, measure the prints then choose the thickness and color of the frame. A week later our frames showed up at our door with simple instructions on how to place the prints. If you want to nerd out about it, here’s an awesome read on why the founder started Level: here.

Ramen loves to help his parents with projects 🙂


Print Details (in CW order):
Do Watcha Like (buy here)
SF Architecture by Eli Meyers for the Bold Italic (sold out)
The Last Rain Forest by Keith Haring (his last commissioned piece before he died), purchased at de Young Keith Haring Exhibit

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