5 packing tips for every traveler

Hello from Germany!

As a blogger who focuses on fashion and beauty, there’s no minimalist way to pack things when we’re going on a trip. However, since we travel on a regular basis, I have acquired quick packing tips here and there to speed up my process.

I’m going to be honest, I’m a last minute packer, and by no means organized, or plan my outfits in advance type of traveler. Due to my spontaneous nature, I tend to overpack most times, but with these tips, I’ve learned to become more efficient, and set useful parameters to my packing.

1. Check the weather and make a packing list:

Whether I’m going on a short or long trip, I pick up an pen and paper and always make a list after checking the weather of the destination I’m headed. The main essentials of the list is always same like makeup products, beauty products (ie. moisturizer, SPF), phone/computer charger, hair brush, underwear/socks and so on. How many days are you going on this trip will also help determine how many tops and bottoms and underwear you need to bring as well.

2. Always pack a small carry on:

Let’s be honest, in today’s age, it’s nearly impossible to lose your luggage, especially with mediocre airlines. We’ve had our share of bad luck with losing our suitcases, so I learned to pack a spare small carry on with an extra change of clothes/underwear as well as my main essential beauty products. Also if you have any valuables like computer, camera or any designer items, I’d recommend bringing them on your carry on. Better be safe than sorry.

3. Roll your clothes:

One of the space hacks I’ve acquired in the past is to roll your clothes instead of folding to preserve space. This way you can fit a lot more, and I’ve actually noticed they tend to get less wrinkly. Also may I say invest in a light suitcase to save those kgs/lbs for your items?

4. Bring zip lock bags

I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t pack cosmetics in zip lock bags, a. it’s super hard to go through security, b. if anything ends up spilling in the bag, you’re going to pay for it later during the trip. So bring zip lock bags, preferably all sizes, so you can store your beauty products, dirty clothes, and even shoes.

5. Use 3-1 ratio

This is a formula I came up with on my own, but you can modify for your liking: For every bottom I tend to pack 2-3 tops, this way I can come up with different outfits, and let’s be honest, tops tend to get dirtier faster than bottoms. Also, try to bring darker clothes to avoid visible stains. And last but not least, always pack a jacket, because you never know how cold it gets in the plane or what type of weather you’ll have to deal with when you get there.

These are my simple travel tips in a nut shell. Do you have any tips that you think changed your travel game? Please share below!

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3 thoughts on “5 packing tips for every traveler

  1. Ahh I wish you wrote this post before I went on vacay haha – I’m a major over-packer myself so these are some great tips babe! I did the “roll” your clothes and I definitely agree that it saves SO much more space. Hope you’re having a wonderful time on your trip and I’m loving all the fun that you’re up to 😀 xoxo

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