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I always wanted a coffee maker that was efficient, aesthetically pleasing to our home decor, and made amazing coffee. Most importantly, I wanted something simple.

A little over a month ago, we had a chance to do a coffee tasting with the head of coffee of Nespresso, Karsten Ranitzsch for a live demo event! Not only we got to check out the beautiful interiors of the Nespresso Boutique, We also had a tasting of their new Limited Edition Grand Cru capsule flavors Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo in their new Vertuoline Evoluo  which can make coffee and espresso!

Since then, we’ve been playing with our Nespresso Vertuoline Evoluo and gotten our morning routines down to a science. Wake up, feed Ramen, and brew large-cup coffee or espresso at the touch of a button. Simple.

DIY Recipes

So we decided to get a little creative and start making simple, DIY recipes for both the coffee purist and sweet tooth! We personally love double shots in our drinks, so feel free to mix this with single shot espresso as well.

fashion mews Nespresso

Cappuccino Dulce de Leche

This particular blend is probably the smoothest of the four and Abel’s favorite. I mean, dulce de leche goes with almost anything.

Grab a cappuccino cup and add two small spoons of dulce de leche, three if you like it more on the smoother side vs. punch. Get your coffee and milk froth separately, pour the coffee in, then the froth. Add the chocolate syrup and chocolate pieces if so desired…which you should.

Tasting Notes: Stir before drinking, so take your photos beforehand!

fashion mews Nespresso

Iced Vanilla Coffee with Caramel Milk Froth

This is the most decadent recipe we could handle. It’s a mini-affogato with a caramel twist.

Start with a separate small glass to mix your caramel syrup and milk froth. Then get your espresso in the cappuccino glass, and add the caramel-froth mix on top. Save the ice cream scoop for the very end. Add chocolate chips stat.

Tasting Notes: Stir gently. Ice cream may melt fast, but how can that be a bad thing? 🙂

fashion mews NespressoIced Coconut Latte

Okay, this one’s a bit more of a bitter profile, but the coconut flakes and whatever else you add on to the drink help give it a more texture and flavor outside the bean itself.

This recipe calls for a shaker, but getting a tall glass and a bigger cup on top makes a decent easy  shaker. We throw our two shots of espresso, some crushed ice, and coconut syrup together and shake it up. Pour it all into a tall glass, followed by some hot milk and the froth on top.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate chunks/walnuts can be sprinkled with this drink! Also, be somewhat generous with the coconut syrup if you want that taste to come through.

fashion mews NespressoSan Pellegrino Espresso Tonic 

This is a special recipe we made in-house as there’s a growing trend of espresso tonic drinks, so this one holds close to Chef Melis.

It’s a simple 4:1 ratio of San Pellegrino to your espresso. Pour your San Pellegrino over ice in first, then slowly pour the espresso on top. Garnish a big orange peel on top. Light and refreshing!

Tasting Notes: Seriously, get a big orange peel in there. You won’t regret it.

All of these recipes take at most five minutes with the Nespresso Vertuoline and the Aeroccino+ milk frother! I hope you enjoy making these for family and friends as much as we enjoyed making it for our dear readers.

Wishing everyone an amazing & well-caffeinated weekend! xx


Thank you Nespresso for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I think coffees are something so important to start your day perfectly, and if I could do these ones by myself the days coud not be better!! I only have an ‘Aeroccino’ to get a milk foam on my coffee. I have to admit I couldn’t live without!! Haha! Thanks for sharing you DIY! Happy Monday x


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