best coffee shops in berlin

Where can I start with Berlin? The edgy streets, the unique sense of style, the unlimited amount of choice of coffee shops.. It’s the perfect package for the Fashion Mews team. The attitude of this city is just contagious.

We had a lot more time to explore this amazing city. and my favorite places, the coffee shops.

Tips: The poached eggs, White-Top is their only drink that comes default with a two-shot espresso. Check upstairs for some comfy couches.

If you judged us by where we stayed the most out of all the coffee shops on this list, it’d be 19grams. They are lightly staffed, so the service is at a slower pace. You can only get their food items (outside of baked goods) if you’re staying in. But with a gracious laptop policy with Wi-Fi (a lot of cafes frown upon this) and great music (they played the entire Drake More Life album once), it’s Abel’s go-to spot.

Oslo Kaffebar
Tips: Great Wi-Fi, they’ve got oat milk if lactose ain’t your game. They even do ice cubes, you filthy Americans.

It’s got a grunge, Norwegian vibe going on here, which became Melis’ favorite while we were in Berlin. It’s got plenty of space inside, and the menu, while a bit tinier than other coffee shops we’ve been to, were all on point.

Cafe Bondi
Tips: Come here hungry, because the plates are huge. Cash only.

On the Instagram factor, this probably has some of the best lighting/coffee/flat lay corners on this list. Also strangely, it is the only Australian coffee outfit we met on this trip. They also seem to have a massive thing for The Animal Kingdom (good film, couldn’t get behind the TV series though).

The Barn
Tips: There are a few locations, scout carefully before committing!

Melis actually randomly stumbled upon this during her photo walk, and the Barn team takes pride in sourcing origin beans (they’re participating in the Berlin Coffee Festival this year too!). They offer pouring/sensory training classes on how to taste coffee, too. Yes, they care a lot about coffee beans.

Distrikt Coffee
Tips: This place is hopping, but they have outdoor spacing up front and in the back!

Probably one of the busiest places we went to (besides the next one), but thankfully they have a lot of space on the sides, and the staff was incredibly hospitable. They even offered us an extra plate when they accidentally made an extra item for another table that left! It seemed like everyone here was ordering pancakes too…damn our pescatarian diet.

House of Small Wonder
Tips: Matcha Latte is a beauty, you should get there before 10am for breakfast/brunch and last call is half an hour before they close which is 4:30pm!

What a delightful addition to the Berlin coffee scene. Infused with the restaurant downstairs Zankichi, you’ll see the influence it has on their menu items & staff. The entrance is where Instagrams pop off, and the service is very cordial and prompt, probably the best out of this entire list.

Their motto is that everyday life is not about the “big wonders, it’s about the small wonders that make things just a little more pleasant.” After visiting HOSW, we tend to agree.

Were they any other coffee shops you think we should’ve checked out? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments. We do this for the fans.



4 thoughts on “best coffee shops in berlin

  1. I’m loving all the vibes coming from the places you guys visited, and everything looks super yummy! Berlin is definitely one of the major cities that is on my list and I’m still bummed that I never took the chance to go there while I lived in Germany 🙁 Looks like you two had a wonderful time 😀 xoxo

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