fashion mews how to stay original

how to stay original

fashion mews how to stay originalfashion mews how to stay originalfashion mewsfashion mews how to stay originalfashion mews how to stay originalfashion mews how to stay originalfashion mews how to stay original

Photography by Alex Pines

Lately, a lot of you have been asking me on how Fashion Mews found its point of view.

While there isn’t one simple answer to this question, the turning point for me was when I stopped paying attention to what others doing and concentrate on my POV. One of the ways I’ve been trying hard is to not [unintentionally] get too influenced by what others are putting out there.

It’s true that creatives feed off of each other. Sometimes we subconsciously get inspired by something we see on social media, end up writing a caption or posting a photo and think that it was such an original idea. Then ultimately realize or not that we copped someone else after all. It could be a one off success thing, but at the end you lose yourself trying to follow someone else’s path.

So how can you avoid getting too influenced by your peers and come up with your own ideas?

Tip 1#: Avoid looking too much at what others are doing! Of course, give your favorite people some love, but try to not read too much into what they’re writing. Especially during the times you’re working on new content, avoid social media!

Tip #2: Set aside time to brainstorm! One of the best ways to avoid last minute spear of the moment captions and not so original photos, come up with ideas in advance. If you have a partner or someone creative you can trust, bounce concepts off of each other. You never know what type of new ideas will spark.

Tip #3: Take some time to do activities that are outside of your routine. Whether it’s going to see an interesting exhibit, travel, or a jazz concert, keep pushing your boundaries of creativity. Getting yourself exposed to new experiences will lead to more interesting ideas. For instance, we went to see the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Met earlier this week, and we were completely mind blown!

Tip #4: Before posting, think long and hard whether this is you talking or does it remind you of that post you saw the other day? This saved me multiple times from creating repetitive content.

Do you have any tips on how to stay original? Would love to hear what works well for you, thanks for reading as always! xx

46 thoughts on “how to stay original

  1. For me, I like to insert my quirky personality wherever I can. I find it hard though in a blog post because I want to be a little more refine on my actual blog than I am on the other social media platforms. Like for Instagram, you might see me showcasing a little of my humour in a caption. I might be poking fun at myself or mentioning a random fun fact about me. On Snapchat, you can really see that my personality is something else haha. But, I think that’s okay to have those slight variations in content.

  2. I try to create content that I myself would like to read, see and watch. It’s easy to copy but it’s so easy to see who has copied too – either way it’s unflattering. BTW I love seeing how you style your stella shoes, they are so impressive and amazing but I’m convinced I’ll be walking like Bambi in them 🙁 lots of love xx


  3. Great, great insight! Sometimes I catch myself and wonder – do I actually like this “trend” or have I been influenced by the 500 people I follow on IG who are wearing/posting about it? There’s definitely a balance. I admire you for your unique content – you’ve nailed it!


  4. This is such a cute jumpsuit and love how it is ombre and polka dots! And those shoes are so amazing. You have great tips and it’s so true what you say. It’s hard not to get caught up in what others are doing but staying true to your style is definitely worth it in the long run. Thanks for sharing and always being an inspiration! Xoxo, Christine

  5. Your jumpsuit is to die for!! I am obsessed with it completely! I adore this so much about you, that you stick to being your original you! That is the best anyone can do and is the best for our brand in the long run as well. Your advice is solid and I love it! Have a great rest of the week babe! xx

  6. Siffat Haider says:

    As always, you look amazing, Melis! Also, I’m loving these ideas. I think taking the time to brainstorm new ideas is so important. And taking time to do new things is a great source of inspiration – I wish I’d been able to see the Manus x Machina exhibition while I was in NY!

  7. I couldn’t agree more on all your points , of course we get inspiration from others but originality comes from within and from what one can create with what you alone have. The last point ” think first and ask yourself if this is you talking ” just sums it up . The moment I talk about my day and what has actually inspired me to share a post with my readers I find that it becomes a unique post or a unique outfit that has come from my ideas and long hours of thinking and brainstorino. Great post dear, I really enjoyed reading it. Hope you have a great weekend and I love the outfit too.

  8. Staying original and not doing what others do is important and also hard thing to do. When you look around, you can easily see who’s copying who and it is sad to see that there’s no creativity but just copying! Having your own voice and pov will get you where you want to be! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. These are excellent tips! I try to follow them, especially the last one, regularly. Its important to stay inspired by the world in general, and not by the specific environment we put our content in 🙂

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