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on taking risks

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Photography by Alex Pines

There comes a time when everyone should challenge themselves to take more risks.

For me, it was to wear this all blush ensemble. I’ve never been a pink person my whole life. Yet, when one day a girl sees the right shade pink *ahem* what I really mean is blush, a girl needs to take the risk. And boy did it pay off. I felt like a complete new person in this look.

Getting out of the routine can seem scary, but the benefits are priceless. The worst case scenario is you fail, but you learn something new. Does this mean next time you’ll see me in red? Probably not, but maybe.

What’s your way of taking risks in your life? Would love to hear more tips! xx

Hair by Jennifer Nast.

i’m wearing
Aritzia top (similar here)
Miu Miu shoes

Chanel bag

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41 thoughts on “on taking risks

  1. The blush looks great on you! I’ve been trying to take more fashion risks too this year, and I’ve discovered lot of new things I like. It’s funny how something as simple as wearing a colour you don’t usually wear can make you feel so different. xx

  2. For me, if I see that something will be good for my growth and yet it scares me, I try to push myself to do it anyway – provided it’s realistic enough. For example, I hate small talk. Well, really, I hate conversation that has no value. But, I figure it’s kind of awkward for people I run into to cut conversation short because I don’t want to participate. So, I started by making small talk at the bank etc. Slow progress is still progress!

    I will say that I don’t believe in taking risks just to take risks. I believe in taking purposeful risks with belief in the outcome. If you’re afraid of heights, I don’t think you should try to tackle your fear of heights SIMPLY because you are afraid. That’s not logical to me.


  3. You look great, as usual! Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with your hair? (yes, yes I have)
    I’m not great at taking risks – but lately I’ve been trying to force myself to do things outside of my comfort zone to help conquer my anxiety: phone calls, going certain places alone, stuff like that. Nothing risky, but still not the easiest stuff for me to do.


  4. What a great look on you! I feel like often we get stuck in our comfort zone (nothing wrong with that) but once in a while we should opt for something we would never wear. I too am not a pink girl… maybe I’ll take your lead and try a little blush. Thanks for the post!


  5. You look stunning in blush tones Melis!! I am so happy to see you in it and feeling good!! That’s what its all about! I never liked pink before, but lately, blush, nudes, and pale pinks have been calling my name, and the weird thing is, i’ve been enjoying myself in them too!! XOX


  6. You look amazing in anything and I love this blush tone on you. I definitely am scared of color myself but I also took that risk in an outfit post this week and you’re right, it surprises you and I enjoyed it! I also love the shoes on you and those are definitely fashion forward in my book! xoxo, Christine

  7. You nailed the look! The jewellery is absolutely spot on. The hair too. Ok, love everything. For me, probably taking risks would be learning to say NO. I always say yes to everything 😉 Must take the risk and say no.

    Have a fab weekend Melis. x

  8. Obsesssssed with your hair!!!! Taking risks ahh that’s a tricky one for me as I am naturally SO risk averse! I think sometimes it’s better to go in blind and dive in head first before you have a chance to overthink it and talk yourself out of it : )

    xx, Amy

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