the art of getting stuck

Ah it’s 7pm! Sunday night! This is gonna be awesome, tonight I’m guest writing for Fashion Mews. It’s gonna be something deep and totally gives A LOT of knowledge for anyone reading it. It’s a brain worm. I’ll be writing about —

Melis notices I’m still writing the 300-word-only blog post. “What are you writing..?” She looks over my laptop screen. A beat. “Alright, go take a shower.”

Me: “But..can’t you see I’m just getting into this Isaac Asimov’s essay about Creative thinking –?”

“No, go take a shower. You’re making this way too complicated. Honestly it shouldn’t be taking you this long.” At least I have half an essay for a future Fashion Mews post.

And so I do. Turns out, showering is incredibly helpful in getting inspiration for hard problems. And so dear reader, letting this post fly out in the hopes that if you too, are stuck knee-deep in a project/paper, or work on a late Sunday evening, just take a walk. Go take that shower, get recharged, and give yourself some me-time.

The work will still be there waiting for you when you step out. Keep pushing, and we’ll keep writing.

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Photography by Evgeniy Sorbo

i’m wearing
Topshop coat (old similar here)
Neutral top (similar here)
Faux leather tights 
(similar here)

19 thoughts on “the art of getting stuck

  1. This situation right here just reminded me that it takes the smallest things even a little break, to get you recharged for whatever is on your plate! Can we also talk about this gorgeous open back sweater? Literally, obsessed with this whole look! xoxo

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