top 5 coffee shops of SF

top 5 SF coffee shops

So before we moved from this beloved city, we’ve literally tapped out the entire coffee space in San Francisco due to our remote-work schedules (visited approximately 50+ coffee shops). We did not focus on the wi-fi or location factors. The coffee, supporting menu, decor, and atmosphere were determining factors to our list.

Without further ado, here’s our top 5 SF coffee shops that inspired us, fed us and most importantly helped us build Fashion Mews…

 top 5 coffee shops of SF

1. Wrecking BallIt’s not big and sparse seating, but then there’s that pineapple wallpaper that’s become its welcoming trademark.

The founding team has incredible barista cred (I mean, just check out co-founder Trish Rothgeb’s rap sheet), and they’ve taken their spin on iced cappuccinos to some next-level wave. Bonus points for killer latte art game even with almond milk!

top 5 coffee shops of SF

2. SightglassAn incredible tech legacy in itself, add some b. patisserie and fruity, creamy bean flavors, and you have THE SOMA coffee shop experience.

The story goes while Jack Dorsey was still hanging around Mint Plaza, he broke off into Sightglass as an investor and business partner with the then-fledgling Square. Nowadays, all you overhear is VC/startup gossip which we tend to block out, otherwise our twitter feeds would be filled with OH in Sightglass quotes.

Their vanilla iced coffees and the recent program of a full-affogato menu means that dollar-for-dollar spent, we’ve spent the most time here than any other shop in the city.

top 5 coffee shops of SF

3. Blue BottleThe OG of SF coffee shops, despite their recent pullback from wholesale distribution, it has tremendous brand equity both in and outside of San Francisco.

We personally love their first location in Mint Plaza (SOMA forever) because of the brunch spread menu (eggs in a basket!) and their one-of-a-kind Japanese siphon bar.

It is one of our earliest memories of “third wave” coffee when we moved to this city, and so it holds a special place in our hearts.

top 5 coffee shops of SF

4. The MillAbout this point you’re realizing that we love coffee and food mixes, and The Mill is all about the bread life, specifically their house-special toast menus. It’s Four Barrel at the end of the day, but its venue and people watching factor is tremendous.

Bonus: they have Anthony’s cookies on deck.

top 5 coffee shops of SF

5. Coffee CulturesThis is one of the new bloods, and once you step into their FiDi location, it feels like a piece of New York just imported here. High ceilings, Counter Culture Coffee, soft serve, Five Mountain Teas, and Patisserie Philippe and Starter pastries are all crammed in together in harmony.

Before this place gets too packed, we implore you check it out.

top 5 coffee shops of SF

Honorable: Vive La Tarte

Though technically this is a bakery, Belgian owners Arnaud Goethals and Julie Vandermeersch set up a drink counter for Sightglass coffee and August Uncommon Tea.

It is the ultimate complement of coffee and slow food with a spacious, bleacher gallery that always has great music vibes. Their pizza, caramelized hazelnut tarte and house falafel salad are the standouts for us.

Photos by Abel a.k.a. the birthday boy. <3

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23 thoughts on “top 5 SF coffee shops

  1. Great post! Blue Blottle coffee in the Mint Plaza was a immediately a fav of mine when I first discovered back in 2007. And am very pleased it’s still there. I’ve only been back to my home city for a year, and my goal is to discover and savour all the great places around. I have always had the bad habit of taking for granted any city I’ve lived in. Anyway, good luck in NY. I’m excited for you. Keep it up! I’ll look forward to your feed on insta. Xxx x @beigebrunette

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