what i’ve learned in street photography

Even after shooting street photography exclusively for almost two years, I feel like there’s still a long way to go. But I’d love to share some thoughts on street photography overall.

To Scout or Not to Scout?

I’ve heard a lot of photographers have different routines (dusk, dawn, etc.), but if you’re try-hard, nothing beats walking through a neighborhood to find spots that are interesting.

Even the places we love going back to, there’s always something different we keep finding. The way we force ourselves to shoot is to schedule time in advance before the event/golden hour to make sure we’re assembling the shot list and sharing the shots we’d like to try.


An instructor once commented that “good street photographers are some of the luckiest photographers ever.” It wasn’t until recently I understood how this applied to photography, specifically squatting on a scene/background waiting for the right things to walk into the frame. People watching, and carefully thinking through the composition.

Early on I was always a machine-gun shooter, but now, it’s most about making sure you get the shot when the moment “arrives.”

Frame from the Edges

This wasn’t articulated clearly enough to me in the beginning, but what’s on the edge of your viewfinder is just as important as what’s in focus.

Seeing where the lines of the photo (horizon, elements, building lines, etc.) disappear and cut through the third’s of the photo are helpful.


Sometimes a shot isn’t working for you, come back later. Time of day is something you need to plan around if you aren’t already.

Just like how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO impact the photo, the live-elements thread into the equation too.

It’s bittersweet how everyone’s moving onto video. I mean, “live” content is king, but there’s something just so ephemeral finding the right story to tell at that very moment.

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8 thoughts on “what i’ve learned in street photography

  1. You know how much I love your photos so this post has got to be one of my favorites! Living in NYC, I can’t imagine how much you come across and how inspiring all the places can be. Obsessed with this look and the way you styled that corset belt… perfection my babe xoxo

  2. Gorgeous photos and outfit! I love the velvet bomber.Maybe I’m old school, but I prefer photos to video. For me it’s way easier to look at a photo than watch a video, especially if I’m out somewhere. I think/hope there will always be people who prefer photos! xx

  3. I love all your photos and you make them look so effortless always! There is definitely a lot of timing and thought that goes into each shot and I can tell that while it appears easy when we see your photos, there is a beauty, a reason, and an eye that goes into your work. I love that you are styling a corset belt. You can make anything and everything beautiful. xoxo, Christine

  4. I love your look so much. What tights are you wearing, please? Or are those stockings? They look gorgeous. And I adore your corset. he whole look is simply stunning! And i agree, moving to video can seem cool and in fashion but written world is important as well.
    Happy weekend, sweetie. 🙂


  5. Street photography has to be one of the hardest ones. In order to get the perfect, magazine like photos, there’re so many things to consider as you said. Your photographs are amazing and it keeps getting better and better. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂 x

    Ela BellaWorld

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