why do you want to succeed

why do you want to succeed?

why do you want to succeedwhy do you want to succeed why do you want to succeedwhy do you want to succeed

Greetings from Japan!

We’ve been on a non stop trip between LA-SF-Kyoto-Tokyo which came is just at the right time. I’m going to be honest, I’ve been feeling burnt out to the bone since our move to NYC six months ago. Luckily, just when I thought I was down, my better half pulled me up. Thanks for guest writing, Abel, on a very timely subject!

why do you want to succeed?

I was going to write about some “NEVER QUIT” inspo, but at the last minute, something gave me pause.

Since we started boxing, I’ve been intrigued by this sports pyschology book by Timothy Gallway. Here’s a nice narrative summary of it, it’s worth every minute you watch if you haven’t. Substitute “tennis” with your own hobbies or any skill in life.

The author introduces concepts like two game selves (the one that is built by instinct muscle memory, the other the “critiquer”), a present mind, the power of now, things at first glance you’d probably find relatable to how you think about your mental game. But this quote really stuck out for me:”‘People who only look for measurable success,’ Gallway says, ‘can have a one-dimensional existence.’ It’s possible to go through life to being so focused on external achievement that you forget to appreciate the wonders of nature, neglect to love those closest to you, and never stop to reflect on your broader life purpose.”

That really hit home. Success isn’t the end result, it’s the knowledge received. Sometimes we work ourselves to the bone, getting lost in the weeds why we set our hearts/eyes to risky heights in the first place and never be present with the living.

I hope to bring that culture to Fashion Mews. Work is self-expression in addition to being merely make money. I will stop telling, I will show by doing. Success is only a byproduct of what the mind wishes to learn.

i’m wearing
Storets top
denim skirt

12 thoughts on “why do you want to succeed?

  1. words of wisdom, babe! how true is that? sometimes our determination can get the best of us and like they say, always stop to smell the roses. we focus so hard on one thing that we completely forget about other priorities and what else is important in our lives. beautiful post babe xoxo

  2. Love this, that sleeve detailing is so cool! And thanks for sharing the sports psychology reference, it’s an interesting comparison. And so true that we all need to appreciate the present as well as work towards the future. xx

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