why style matters // and this jumpsuit too

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Yves Saint Laurent

Since I live in a city where people care little about fashion I think owe it to myself to write this post. Some of you have told me that you don’t care about fashion, which is perfectly normal. However, let’s try to look at what fashion vs. style means.

Fashion is a form of art with ever changing trends which can be hard to keep track of. Style however, transcends beyond fashion. It’s your hairstyle, your stance, your voice, the type of colors you shop. Style is influenced by where we come from, our political/religious beliefs, where we live, what we do. The list can go on. When you have a clear style, you don’t shop every trend because it looks good, it’s about staying true to yourself.

Let’s take Steve Jobs as an example. You could argue that he wasn’t a fashionable person given he didn’t follow trends and wore the same outfit nearly his entire life. But, Jobs personally asked Japanese designer Issey Miyake to create a signature style look for him, aka his infamous uniform. Zuckerberg prefers a functional style and even attended Facebook IPO road shows in a hoodie. Every startup person including my husband in this city loves to wear a hoodie. That my friend, is called the startup style. 🙂

Importance of Personal Style

Fashion trends are overwhelming even for fashion bloggers. That is the beauty of becoming a stylist (not a fashionista), you get to know yourself & parameters better and focus on shopping for pieces that’ll last you seasons. You also get to help others find their style. For instance, I learned to embrace hubby’s casual style and work towards finding more interesting brands that’d cater to him.

There’s something so unspoken yet so telling about personal style. It’s a way to communicate without words. Having been an introvert, personal style has been a way to express myself since I was young. I had bright red hair in high school which got me in trouble with the principal on a daily basis. I also was one of the first girls to embrace my tomboyness by pairing blue Nike Cortez sneakers with my school uniform. Explains why I still own so many sneakers.

God bless street style.

Jumpsuit: C/meo Collective // Shoes: Aquazzura // Bag: Chanel // Watch (c/o): Christian Paul // Ring: Alexander McQueen

Are you a fashionista or stylist? I always enjoy meeting people who have a clear vision of their style. Feel free to drop a line if you feel the same.

Thanks for reading!

xx Melis

4 thoughts on “why style matters // and this jumpsuit too

  1. I know that this is an older post but I just found it and had to congratulate you on a job well done explaining this issue. I personally believe in transcending style rather than fleeting trends and try to invest in quality pieces rather than one-time wow-ers. It also helps that I make my own clothes and tailor them to my taste. Spending hours making a piece makes you appreciate it more and consequently wear it longer. Love the jumpsuit, by the way.

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