Myanmar travel journal: a story of not every trip is sunshine and rainbows

It all started with starting to question myself. It was around Christmas time, and we’ve committed to attending a wedding of a couple that I’ve never met. The groom is a childhood friend of Abel’s and we thought what better opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, and when else would we ever go to Myanmar!?

As an aspiring Buddhist, going to Bagan seemed like the perfect opportunity. Plus it’s known for the magical pagodas and sunsets, and we even committed to a hot air balloon ride!
48 hours later, and a missed flight which ended up in an overnight stay in Dubai, we weren’t in Kansas anymore. We also quickly realized the weather wasn’t cooperating with us. Bagan known for its dry season at the time, was showing rain for the next 4 days which is coincidentally how long we were staying there for. We were told that once it starts raining, it lasts for days, and does not stop. Boy were they right…
Then and there, I started questioning the meaning of everything. Here we are in Bagan half way across the world with non stop raining just like NYC, got to take one of the few vacations I can with my workaholic husband during holiday season. What’s the point of even trying I thought to myself? Plus, most of the wedding group already knew each other, so we started to feel like outsiders.
It all started to change once we got to the reception. We made two new friends who live in Asia and had the best time hanging out with them. The hot air balloon ride got cancelled, but we got to see a completely new face of Bagan during rain, which meant less dust and tourists and shot one of my favorite photos to date visiting the pagodas. Abel also got to reconnect with a friend from the past.
I’m not sure when we will ever go back to Bagan, and I’m thankful that we had this crazy excuse to witness a completely different part of the world and even got a sneak peek of Dubai too! My favorite trips are the ones that change me even if it’s a little bit, and it was one to remember.
PS. Shortly after our visit to Bagan, we also decided to donate to a charity who helps Muslim refugees of Myanmar who are being oppressed by the Buddhist community. You can check them out here.

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