5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

We have been receiving a lot of questions on how we do most of our photography, whether it be DSLR or iPhone 6. Honestly, both are excellent in their own way, especially with the latest iPhone which we believe its f/2.2 aperture and Optical image stabilization (iPhone 6 Plus only) works amazing in great light conditions.

Being an amateur shooter for seven years, here are some takeaways from my time at Fashion Mews about iPhone photography.

5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

1. Produce your work consistently. 

Personally this one’s tough, particularly 2016 where I went on a two week hiatus on Instagram. However I’ve been trying to post every other day; practice makes perfect. Henri Cartier Bresson once said, “Your first 10,000 photos are your worst.” There is no magic threshold of when “you get it,” it’s a journey you need to take every time to capture the shot.

5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography


2. Scout first. Critique with others. 

Usually when you arrive on the scene or if some action is occurring, you start shooting. For me, when Melis is getting ready for the shoot, I walk around the location. Are there interesting corners? Where is the light source, you, and the subject? Do we want details, or context shot? And each photo can only tell one story.

Sharing what we need objectively helps get both of us on the same page and execute together. I find that our work gets better with collaboration.

5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

3. Know thy HDR limitations. 

Don’t get me wrong, HDR photos are great for landscapes, daylight portraits, and great for fighting low-lighting. But when there’s high movement or vivid colors going on, you might want to just try it vanilla.

5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

4. Get a good editing regimen down.  

As a “purist,” I try to do as little post-production editing as possible. But after seeing Melis going through her editing workflow and the before-after effects, I can’t deny it’s become a necessity today to at least see what VSCO, Lightroom, Priime, etc. all have to offer. Keeping an up-to-date editing app flow is key.

5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

5. Try different gear! 

A travel size tripod will completely up your self-portrait/landscaping game. If you want to try different wide-angle/macro lens for iPhones we really dig the Moment Lens. Do your homework, but if you want to get a new trick shot, it’s only an accessory away nowadays.

We’d love to hear in the comments if there’s anything else that’s helped improved your phone photography that we didn’t talk about!

Photos by Abel + Melis.

35 thoughts on “5 Tricks on How to Up Your iPhone Photography

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. You have a really cool blog! I was wondering tho, what is the difference between HDR and vanilla. I’ve never heard of the latter in terms of photography. Can you explain?
    Wishing you a great Friday evening and a wonderful weekend!
    xxxx Frederique

    • Hi Frederique,

      When you open the Camera, you should see on top next to Flash an “HDR” icon. If you do nothing, it’s in vanilla, aka “Standard” mode. If you tap HDR, it turns yellow, which is set to “Auto.” You can then either choose to turn it on or off from there. Hope that helps!

  2. I like your photography style and how you minimal edit you have in your photos. Practice makes perfect, and I believe you don’t need to have a DSLR to take great photos (it is a plus, but not if you use auto mode), it is all about the way you see things. Thanks for the tips! x


  3. Great post, thanks for sharing your tips. I’d love to hear more about the post production and editing process! I wish iPhone had a white balance feature; it seems like most of my editing is to neutralize warm tones.

  4. Having an iPhone never felt so helpful to me until I read this post. I’ve always heard that iPhone camera is great and you can click amazing pictures from it. These tips will definitely help me in using my phone better than before. Thanks abel for publishing it.

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